Why Do I Keep Losing When Playing Poker Online


Why Do I Keep Losing When Playing Poker Online

icicinetbanking.netWhy Do I Keep Losing When Playing Poker Online. Online poker is a game of rules and strategies. Knowing enough information about hand histories, game stats and graph can change your winning rates but cannot convert you into a pro. Some of the wealthiest poker players understand little about the game, so it’s also about luck. However, since we can’t all rely on luck, it is essential to know why you and other agen poker domino members have been losing continually.


You Hate Reading

If you hate reading, online poker is indeed not for you. Every pro poker player started somewhere. They were once newbies but since they didn’t get discouraged by continuous loses, they managed to raise the ranks. Most of them will tell you that their persistence in reading books, watching training videos, engaging in interactive seminars, and snowboarding helped them become who they are. So, if you are not reading, you shouldn’t expect to go far as per as online poker is concerned.

Playing Lots of Hands

One of the best ways to win more is to play more hands. In contrast, playing more hands is also one of the riskiest strategies ever. The more cards you play, the higher the danger and the more the chances of losing.  Don’t forget that the fact that an event is likely to happen does not mean the odds will be in your favor.

You Play Lots of Tables

We have read online, in magazines, and other sources that to win more, we have to play more tables. The problem is that most players do not understand the meaning of more. They play too many tables such that it becomes impossible to manage them. It’s not a bad idea to play more tables but to maximize winnings; it is highly recommended you play the tables you can comfortably manage. Don’t be deceived by numbers to the expense of your happiness.

Lack of Bankroll Management Skills

The reason you have been losing a lot lately is that you don’t know how to manage your bankroll.  You stake too high thinking that you will win more and stake even in the riskiest events. Not knowing how to manage your bankroll is the surefire way to go bankrupt in no time. If you maximize winnings and keep your loses as low as possible, you must understand the tricks and strategies for managing your bankroll. You need to know what it takes to play safely and avoid losing so much and so often.

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